GDPR – the deadline is looming

What is GDPR?   This is the question on everyone's minds at the moment. The May deadline is fast approaching and it seems that every other email I get is a company trying to sell me a service that will help me with my GDPR goals. But what is GDPR? General Data...

GDPR – Introduction to my guide

Welcome to my definitive guide to GDPR - Part 1   Who am I to write this guide? In short, I am no one!   I am not a lawyer, I am not a professional in European Law, I am simply ‘The Bad Manager’ (for more on that, see my other blog posts). Why am I writing...

Lack of productivity – I’m just too busy

Have you ever just sat there and thought… “I’m just too busy, I can’t do all of this work today, I can’t do all this work in a week, how can I get all of this done today?” And then had a member of staff or more senior colleague come and give you yet another thing to...

Coaching as a teaching method

About ten years ago, whilst working at a well known high street newsagents,  I attended a residential ‘Supervisor’ training course in Gloucester, it is perhaps the only formal training I have received for the job I currently do. During the three of four days of this...

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